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This series celebrates the Mysore school of traditional art via it's most celebrated and classic series, the Dashavtaars.  A series dedicated to the 10 avataars or incarnations of Vishnu as per Hindu Mythology.

The Mysore painting is a south indian classical style of painting that evolved in the Mysore city of Karnataka. It reached its peak under the patronage of the Wodeyars. 

The style is characterised by its delicate lines and subtle brush strokes. The colours used here are all natural dyes,  except the 'gold' that is traditionally used is replaced by enamel here.

The art comes with a pink mount and a teakwood frame.


This set of art is made on commission basis and will take 4 weeks  to despatch for delivery once the order is placed .

The prices are indicated for individual single pieces and for the set as a whole.

There is also an option to make the entire set with 22 carat gold ornamentation, at a price as indicated in the menu. 

Dimensions (with frame) ~ 10 inches width x 12 inches height