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CHAKKARS Memory game

CHAKKARS Memory game

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30 wooden pieces with a yoga-bag, a fabric cloth and instruction leaflet


Recommended Age - 4-10 years . This game while being fun also helps your child to increase his/her concentration and memory power. The game is ia set of 30 wooden chips with colourful, vivid patterns. The colours used are safe and natural. The game also comes with a hand-stitched 'yoga-bag' to hold the chips within and carry around conveniently. Please note that the fabric used for the outside bag and the mat will vary from the one shown in the pic depending on its availability. 

How to play the game? 

Place the chequered cloth on the floor. Place all the wooden chips, face down, on the cloth. And then each player should try to find matching pairs. The game has three levels of complexity depending on the colour and pattern combination. This makes it more difficult and different from traditional memory games.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS  ~ Please clean with a clean piece of cloth. All lacware products must be kept in shaded areas and must avoid direct exposure to sun. Avoid impact against hard surfaces as the lac coating may chip. Please do not wash these items as they are wooden and the colour will peel.