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These lightweight wooden statements pieces are unique as they combine the bidri silver inlay craft with the Channapatna lac-turnery toy craft. Bidri is the silver inlay craft of North Karnataka. Our design philosophy has always been that good design keeps our crafts sustainable. The 'Darwaaza' series is an ode to the Darwaaza or the main entrance of the Bidar fort. This series showcases the versatility of the traditional Bidri metal craft in adapting itself to any idea.  The Bidri metal craft has been traditionally associated with creating functional objects like hookahs, vases, betel/spice/jewel boxes and even spittoons. Our attempt has been to revisit this craft in todays’ context.

The wooden piece has been handcrafted by artisans from Channapatna using the 200 year old toy craft of lac turnery.  The wood used, 'wrightia tinctoira' or ‘aale-maraa’ is extremely safe. Accessorised with an adjustable thread, they can be worn at any length.


6cm below dia


To clean the wooden part use a mildly damp piece of clean cloth. Do not wash with water. Avoid blows against hard surfaces.  Please note that the silver/copper/brass inlay will lose its lustre when exposed to the weather for long durations. Hence to clean the silver inlay part, use cotton dipped in coconut oil to maintain/regain the lustre.