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BAGH ZIGZAG full sleeves

BAGH ZIGZAG full sleeves

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This shirt is part of our INIMAI collection where we have attempted to showcase the versatility and adaptability of our traditional crafts to modern times. We also believe that good design ensures sustainable livelihoods for artisans. 

This shirt is handblock printed using the blockprinting technique from Bagh, Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh, India. The process is characterised by hand printed wood block relief prints with naturally sourced pigments and dyes. Bagh print fabric motifs are typically geometric, paisley or floral compositions dyed with vegetable colours of red and black over a white background. These are an interesting variation from their traditional colours and hence unique. They are subtle, easy on the eye and due to their mud wash, they are soothing to wear

Please note that the colours of the physical product may vary a bit from the pic.


These shirts do not shrink as during the block-printing process, they have been washed several times in the Bagh river.

For longevity, ideally handwash them in cold water to retain the colours longer.

If you must use the washing machine, then use the delicate cycle. However the colours could then stand to fade a bit over several washes.